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Welcome to 
Studio 54 
in Seaforth, 
Nova Scotia

Treat yourself to private art classes that can fit your schedule in a stimulating art studio environment with me as your inspiring instructor. You will have my complete attention and I will encourage you to push through the inner conflicts we seem to bump up against when learning new skills and guide you to the joy of art-making. You will learn some techniques which will enhance your abilities to communicate what you want to see as a result of your own creative process and style.

Artgirlgallery Art Studio 54 in Seaforth NS by Minaz Jantz
Artgirlgallery Art Studio 54 by Minaz Jantz
Inside Seaforth Art Studio by Minaz Jantz
Inside the art studio is a creative space equipped
with various easels, tables and natural lighting system including
the cheerful windows with a view of the ocean & lake.

Inside Seaforth Art Studio by Minaz Jantz
and the lake & ocean view 
to rest one's eyes.

Basic Instruction rate:
 $30.00 hour and will include art coaching by emails. Be my guest on your first visit no charge and we can talk about what you want out of your lessons. You will need to buy your own supplies.

* Basic perspective, value, & composition
* Still life: Objects displayed with light
* Life drawing portraits
* Experiment & Create multi-media paintings
* Learn Golden Geometry
* Color Theories & Methods
* Art History

I will customize the lessons into a timetable, focusing on personal goals you would like to achieve with the mediums you would like to learn to paint and draw.
I will consider younger students but only after a personal interview with that student to be sure they want to learn about art.

My main goal with any class is to assist the student to find their own expressive style and encourage their vision with technical skills that can be applied in many styles and ways in our everyday lives. 

Art history will weave through all classes as its important to look for masters both in the past and present. You will learn to SEE and observe with technical skills to translate into art making.

Contact:  Minaz

Minaz Jantz
Seaforth, Nova Scotia

Life + Art = Joy       Minaz Jantz

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