Knit Hats & Fingerless Gloves

Spiral Orange Knit Slouchy Hat & Fingerless Gloves by Minaz Jantz

Combining knitwear with wet felted applique and hand stitching embroidery makes for my designs to be one of a kind using basic stitches with creative flair.

Spiral Orange Knit Fingerless Gloves by Minaz Jantz

Knitting is time for relaxing and is an activity I can do in the evening when I am not painting. The delicate muscles in my hands have developed enough now that I can keep at it without too much cramping. 

I discovered the aluminum needles to be my favorite knitting tool. What I like about them is the sound of the aluminum needles clinking and the smooth coolness of my hands. Aluminum needles are used for quick removal of the wool from the needle without any resistance and faster than wood & plastic needles with less stress to my hands and wrists. My knitting technique is the  English THROW method I originally learned to knit when I was a child.

To find out more about the various types of knitting needles and what may suit you & budget, check out this information...

Spiral Orange Knit Slouchy Hat by Minaz Jantz

Ohh how I had fun setting up the photoshoot of my knitwear in the studio bathroom! Grab my favorite model YELLOW balloon who is always ready to go for a session of photography and sits still without breaks! An empty coffee tin wrapped in a sweatshirt rag and a produce bag slipped over the black rag works great for the neck of the YELLOW balloon.

close-up of applique spiral for knit hat & gloves by Minaz Jantz

Roving wool is used to design my appliques. I make a sheet of felted wool from the rolling and hot water method and cut out my shapes. I enhance the applique with more roving wool that is needle felted (stabbing with a barbed needle) and then add embroidery stitches to secure and enhance the spiral design.

Spirals are my thing... I designed our house and landscaping based on the spiral. Most of my art will have a spiral somewhere in it. A cross is the symbol of spirituality but what works for me is the spiral. Life appears to change the scenery but along the spiral path, we are creating energy from our soul's growth, in other words, no matter where you go, there you are! 

Choosing local wool that is hand-dyed and made in small batches, I am fortunate to live close to wool makers, Mineville Wool Project which produces top-quality yarn and gorgeous color combinations.

Multi-color Knit Purl Hat with Felted Ball designed by Minaz Jantz

This simple knit cap is created from colorful hand-dyed yarn once again from my favorite yarn shop, Mineville Wool Project. Simple knit and purl adorned with colorful needle felted balls of roving wool and then added stitches with silk threads for the funky look. 

Close-up of colorful yarn for knit hat by Minaz Jantz

Just LOOK at the delicious colors of this sock-weight yarn from Mineville Wool Project! Their yarn is made in small batches so what you see now will not be created again. They do offer dying custom colors for anyone who is inclined to create their own color design but does need to buy more than one ball of yarn.

Blue Knit Purl Button Slouchy Hat designed by Minaz Jantz

The slouchy hat is made from 100% wool yarn in blue and green. I found some old buttons and silk threads to make the design funky.

close-up blue knit with button silk thread details by Minaz Jantz

Knit Green Grey Fox Hat designed by Minaz Jantz

Love the green and grey blend of this yarn which is also a blend of wool and made-made fiber. There are several foxes who share the land with us and this hat celebrates the mischievous and curious nature of the fox. One young fox found my new thongs at the back door to be a fun toy to rip and shred! At first, I thought BAD DOG but looked and saw the tiny sharp teeth and one shoe was over at the edge of the woods so ya, cute but now I have to buy another pair of thongs!

close-up of FOX knit embroidery stitich by Minaz Jantz

Fine wool for tapestry making was used for the knit stitch embroidery of the fox. One thing I know is to do the knit stitch pattern right the first time cause ripping out is the most impossible mess to undo!

Green Grey Fox knit hat designed by Minaz Jantz

Could not help myself but add the final BLING with a pompom! This hat fits a smaller head than mine so more fitting for youth.

Multi-color Pink Green Slouchy knit Spiral Hat designed by Minaz Jantz

Nothing more fabulous on the hands for knitting is the gorgeous feeling of silk and wool with such delicious colors to feast my eyes upon! This is another ball of wool from my local yarn maker, Mineville Wool Project! My favorite motif, the spiral, felted and stitched to embellish this soft cozy slouchy hat.

Knit Fingerless Gloves by Minaz Jantz

Knitting is a wonderful hand & wrist exercise with calming effects when I am not ripping out. My family gets gifted some of my creations and I personally have a collection in my hatbox that is flowing out of the basket. Will I STOP??? Hell NO! Maybe I have to take up making a blanket so I can work on one big long knitting project!

LIFE goes on in spirals and one stitch at a time! Minaz

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