Drawing Agony & Boredom


The Liver Cleanse & Thousand Red Fire Ants ~ drawing by Minaz Jantz
Pencil and black ballpoint pen in a sketchbook.

October 2020, I decided it was time to do a liver cleanse to renew, restore and get ready for a winter season of art-making in the studio. And then the unbelievable happened to my skin!

Usually, with a body cleanse it is normal to experience headaches and skin rashes while the toxins leave the organs. I was getting some headaches and then a few hot spots started to show up on my arms. I would wake in the middle of the night so unbelievably INSANE with blistering hot itchy skin in various parts of the body and still I did not think anything of it. Then my hands went RAW and couldn't even grasp a spoon. 

Large flakes of skin began to fall to the floor. The skin was burning off the top layers while the next layer became thick red leather. My hip long hair flew off my head like birds flying south, and onto the floor leaving my DNA trailing a pathway.

The Dermatologist determined it was an allergic reaction to one of the natural ingredients in the liver cleanse and like poison ivy reaction, the entire body violently itched, burned, and blistered from the inside out. On the upside, I have new skin and certainly, the liver is refreshed!

The Liver Cleanse & Thousand Red Fire Ants ~ watercolor painting by Minaz Jantz

Watercolor on Arches WC paper with the gold pen.

The above watercolor reflects how my skin felt like...  being stung by a thousand fire ants erupting into lava puss, dripping down my arms, head, and face... no other way to say it nicely, it's true, I looked horrifying. I walked like a ZOMBIE, couldn't bend my arms or open my shredding mouth to eat, and breathing was near impossible. My deep bathtub was the 30 minutes of relief every day using coconut oil mixed into lukewarm water that helped cleanse and cool the infected skin. 

Emergency Nude Drawing by Minaz Jantz

Nude drawing completed in the emergency room 
bringing a pencil and sketchbook for 3 hours of boredom relief.

My mate was watching me for a couple of weeks turn into an alien while constantly nudging me to go to the emergency hospital... yes I am known to be a stubborn woman... I have a great distaste for hospitals but he managed to convince me or rather another day of skin insanity finally scared me enough to get some big girl panties on and let my main man rescue his damsel in distress.  

I packed the cotton bag with a medical card, ID, and art kit to wait out the emergency room queue. After 3 hours wait, I did get the thrill to watch the emergency doctor quickly jump back while channeling medical jargon after he saw my arms and face... I waited too long.  LOL, so this is where I stop describing ooze and show you my drawings & watercolor from the result of agony and boredom.

The Liver Cleanse & Thousand Red Fire Ants ~ drawing by Minaz Jantz

Pencil drawing in a sketchbook.

Creative escapism can be achieved with simple pencil and paper. Drawing or doodling is my tool for calming anxiety and boredom. I often drag around a sketchbook in a carry bag with a few pens if I  have to sit and WAIT or be in a room listening to people talk like a conference. If I draw I can stay PUT and open my mind to learning while calming nerves for intentive listening.

Bonita's Keys ~ drawing by Minaz Jantz

Juanita's Key Chain while at the Mental Health Course.
Drawing in HB pencil on paper.

Drawing for me can be the perfect distraction from agony and boredom. Most often in my life, I will reach for a pencil and paper to divert the mind to take the zen pathway.

Silly Putty Egg & Dried Flower Vase ~ drawing by Minaz Jantz

Vase, Dried Flowers, and Silly Putty Egg while at the Mental Health Course.
Drawings with HB pencil on paper.

Both of the above pencil drawings were created during a Mental Health Course that was emotionally intensive, 3 full days of conversation.  I knew had to bring the sketchbook to keep calm and stay open to learning new information. I found my still-life objects in the room as my drawing props.  I quietly sketched while we were all sitting in groups around large tables. It was also a calming effect for a few who were beside me occasionally making a glance as my drawing emerged from the paper.

Cherry Tomato, Bowl & Geranium Stem ~ Drawing by Minaz Jantz

Handmade Clay Bowl with Cherry Tomatoes and Geranium in Glass Salt Shaker.
Drawing with a pencil in a sketchbook while convalescing in bed.

Drawing is my go-to since I have been a child and still today I find drawing saves me from myself while it also enhances the skill of observation.

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Time to get off the computer and get to drawing! May you also enjoy the simple pencil and paper to help find your ZEN.


Lori said...

I had not seen your Liver Cleanse artwork. That drawing certainly lays it all out clearly your journey

Artist Minaz Jantz said...

I showed the drawing to the Dermatologist... I said if Frida Kahlo can paint her pain, sorrow, and operations, so can I.

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