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Art Scrapbook...I will share parts of my life as an artist and its everyday graces and creative challenges. Some of you may also be on the creative journey or maybe your about to walk the way of an artist and just maybe I can shed some light on questions you may be considering with art materials, instruction, or just coping with life in general looking for the blissful moments that art and being creative can offer. 

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Living the life as an artist is more that just the product or end result. Once committed to the artist eye, nothing in life can look the same as everything we do and experience comes out in expressing something unique for every person. I commit myself totally everyday and can say I am forever an insatiable student of life and LOVE to learn new things, which inevitably guides me to discover more of the world and will like to share my artists life journey with you. 

Many professions, such as a Doctor for example, needs to go to Doctor school and EVERY Doctor has the same general medical training with only a few variations so that they can legally practice being a medical DOCTOR. But a professional artist has no rules, boundaries, methods, styles, education, that HAS to be studied or certified that can say "YOUR AN ARTIST" except for the results one produces and if the person themselves says so. Until a merging artist comes outside the comforts of friends and family and begins to say to the world, "I AM AN ARTIST"...no one else will ever know just by looking. Finding the time and money to make the art is a very big hurdle for everyone. When its time to take the art to public showings, its an ego kicker or booster but never mind the opinions of others, just be proud you got some art hanging for everyone to view.  We hope that after all the creating and showing of art, there is one person who will find it in the hearts and their pocket books to buy your art so you can buy some more art supplies!

From the book Spinderella Soap
Spinderella Soap READ more here
"I AM AN ARTIST", is an eternal rabbit hole one can jump into once a commitment to learning is on a roll. Most of us at some time can feel alone and lost with very few people around us who understands the weirdness of being in an artist's mind. I finally gave in and said out loud in the 1990's, that I was to commit my life to the statement, "I AM AN ARTIST". I leaped right in like a dancing FOOL who jumps into the abyss! I was always a creative person but saying "I AM AN ARTIST" is a spiritual journey I felt I would need to take very serious. 

Art study and working ongoing projects helps to enhance and sharpen my skills. Endless research and practice goes on behind the various mediums as I love to work in multi-media. Check out oil paint study here.

How to make a Flower of Life
click HERE
I continually try out new techniques, studying various styles and methods while always learning more about Sacred (Golden) geometry and somehow find my way and voice through the process. Its also important for me to discover more of the world through history and travel whether by plane or by book! 

The internet is a fantastic place to further studies in art and just about anything these days can be seen demonstrated on YouTube or sign up for streaming LIVE art classes where no one ever gets their head in your way of looking at the instructors demonstration!

CrAZY ABOUT Pinterest AND my visual file folders of cool stuff to reference and to share. My Pinterest collections is about art, food, HOW TO, craft, documentaries, music, and much more. Enjoy some of my Pinterest collections below.

Robert Genn, Santos Mignosa, Tony Oregan & Minaz
Robert Genn, Santos Mignosa, Tony Oregan & Minaz

THANK YOU to all my artist friends and teachers of past and present, who have shared and still sharing their tips, support and demonstrations that keeps me trekking along on a learning curve. The internet connects me to other creative people living all over the globe and that is taking a trip without leaving my home! If you have read this far, nice to connect with you too!

Minaz & Ziggy at Clam Harbour Beach, Nova Scotia
Minaz & Ziggy 
@ Clam Harbour Beach, Nova Scotia
Everyone is born a creative soul but some of us are lucky to have someone in our childhood who nurtured a creative mind. My MOM is in everything I do as she is my BEST TEACHER who encouraged me to continue to learn new skills. MOM showed me how to make things from scratch and to appreciate the process of taking raw materials and transforming them into good food, maybe something decorative or a gadget that is useful and the biggie on how to budget money. Being resourceful and thrifty is a way of life and always I think first before tossing anything out. 

MOM, Norma Gibson & Dixie
MOM, Norma Gibson & Dixie
Mom's minimalist budget methods worked wonders for a family of five and her method prepared me for an artists' way of life. I learned how to sew, knit, bake a pie from the berries we picked, and make a delicious pot of soup. If your going to be an artist, doing well on a 'low flow' of income would serve you well on an artists budget! MOM loved power tools and encouraged us daughters to be useful and empowered by tools so step aside when Norma comes whirring by with her 'fix it' power tools!

 Fine Art Portfolio by Minaz Jantz
Various Art works by Minaz Jantz
CONTACT: minaz@artgirlgallery.com
My artistic education is a fusion of life, craft, mechanics, math, design and lots of time spent with master teachers. Read my Bio Curriculum Vitae here.

Years ago, I worked promoting various bands and through that job I connected with my creative partner in life, James Hewett. He is a seasoned song writer and performing musician who has traveled and lived in a few countries as a musician. We are both dedicated to the life of creative tones and keep each other spirited to keep doing the WORK. 

Laughing Buffalo Music
Laughing Buffalo Music
In 2017 the website and CD baby is serving up his tunes as well as you can read some personal insights to his song writing and who are the players that perform his songs.

James Hewett, Music, Poetry & the furry heart Ziggy!
James Hewett, Music, Poetry & 
the furry heart Ziggy!
My partner Jim and I follow our dreams, stay out of debt, walk everyday in nature and together we live to create and do what we can with what is in front of us and of course we love to share our life with our 'furry heart' named Ziggy, the Silky terrier that pops up into many photos throughout my blog!

Read my story about fostering dogs and Ziggy coming to live with us in his new Dog Disney life.

Crafts & Gardening by Minaz Jantz
Crafts & Gardening by Minaz Jantz
CONTACT: minaz@artgirlgallery.com

UNCANDU Arts & Crafts owner Norma Gibson
UNCANDU Arts & Crafts
owner Norma Gibson
'UCANDU' was the name of my mom's arts and craft store back in the 70's when we lived in the Okanagan Valley in B.C. Learning to  'DO IT RIGHT' was to learn how to be humble and allow for mistakes that makes me, erase it, tear it out and do it over--AGAIN...this is the process of making something from scratch which certainly teaches patience that I can attest too is a never ending challenge for me! 

Sadly, Mom died in her 50's from cancer and can say her wisdom lives on in my daily life insisting me to keep pushing the boundaries, LIVE life fully each day and use laughter as the cure for bad days!

Various knitted wool hats knitted by Minaz Jantz & modeled by James Hewett
Various knitted wool hats knitted by Minaz Jantz &
 modeled by James Hewett

CONTACT: minaz@artgirlgallery.com
I desire and appreciate the qualities of HANDMADE & anything made from SCRATCH such as cooking, knitting, painting, house building, etc. There is a need for forgiveness in imperfection, to appreciate handmade versus things produced by a factory. A mistake left behind, pencil lines left, a beat missed, this is about being human. During my Interior Design days in the 1980's, before computer generated software CAD/CAM became the norm, my Russian art instructor huffed about how ugly computer generated designs looked in comparison to hand drawn designs. In a heavy Russian accent, she said,  "Computers should only design rooms for computers AND only human hands should design rooms for humans". I get what she is saying!!!

Ziggy modelling a knit cap that is a gift for Sophie the motorcycling dog.
Ziggy modelling a knit cap that is a gift
for Sophie the motorcycling dog.
READ more here about HOMEMADE Dog Couture Fashion. 
I have a diversion to copying someone else's work or following to a 'T', a recipe, pattern, art instruction, etc. which I attribute to my internal voice the 'REBEL' that intends to warp these inspirations I find and express something uniquely from my perception.

Felted Knit Pillows made by Minaz Jantz
Felted Knit Pillows made by Minaz Jantz
CONTACT: minaz@artgirlgallery.com
Winter time is knitting time and enjoy working with fiber and wool to make gifts for the family. I scour the internet for ideas and patterns to which I save in my Artgirlgallery Minaz Jantz Pinterest. I blog about some of the patterns I have used so check them out too and may you be inspired to make something HOMEMADE! Believe me when I tell you that most of my knitting time is more like ripping out and I have to do it over & over every time but I am soooo thankful to those people who will take the time to demonstrate on YouTube where I can watch over and over till I get the stitch right like my new favorite stitch called the 'Chinese Waitress Cast On'

Handmade Felted Wool Slippers by Minaz Jantz...
Read more here...

ROCK-N-ZEN Gardens, Seaforth, Nova Scotia, Canada
ROCK-N-ZEN Gardens, Seaforth, Nova Scotia, Canada
CONTACT: minaz@artgirlgallery.com
Gardening gives us sustenance, exercise, mental and spiritual happiness. Everyday during the growing season, I wake up for a morning visit to the garden. I never tire watering the gardens and crazy as it seems, I even like to pluck weeds! Although I could do without those bastard slugs eating my squash plants! I have tried many experiments to keep the slugs away and found pennies around the plant seems to work but where to get buckets of pennies these days? READ more here... 

I  have adopted a few gardening methods such as 4 Square Foot gardening and straw bale gardening which I write about in my BLOG HERE.  I decorate my gardens with beach finds and roadside junk and you may read more about roadside decor in gardens here.

Rock-n-Zen Gardens in Seaforth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Rock-n-Zen Gardens in Seaforth, Nova Scotia, Canada
CONTACT: minaz@artgirlgallery.com
Rock-n-Zen Gardens is created from scratch and we used many types of rocks to landscape our back yard, starting with giant armor rocks that acts as a retaining wall to hold back the hillside. Then the pit is filled with layers of pit rock, crusher dust and pea gravel on top of landscape carpet. Read more here. NO grass was planted!

FOOD Glorious FOOD!

Growing a healthy organic garden is important to us and for the first time in my life I have the dirt and time to enter Mother Natures gateway to her incredible world of natural geometry! I look at all those gorgeous gardens in magazines but now I know, luring in the dirt, eating the plants are bugs, slugs, bouts of bad weather and my inexperience which makes for some interesting challenges in gardening which I share in my blog. 

Fred's Found Art Sculpture view his art and read interview HERE
Fred's Found Art Sculpture
view his art and 

read interview HERE

My 2016 goal is to write more interviews connecting with more like minded creative people and offer to share a little about their art journey too. Read & view Fred's Found Art here.

Various Art by Minaz Jantz
 Art by Minaz Jantz
Please view my art portfolio slide shows in the above menu bar. My mediums I use vary like my compositions. You may view landscapes, nudes, music series, collage, portraits and even illustrations for books in my art portfolios. Selected art works are for purchase and contact me directly. minaz@artgirlgallery.com

ASK ABOUT FREE delivery with the purchase of my fine art. I also have added framing services to my repertoire for art collectors making it the one stop shop for fine art. I also will take on commissions and as long as we both have internet, this can be possible anywhere in the world.

Any artist who creates original paintings knows the dilemma of cash flow and when that one piece is sold, that is it for income but there is another way for artists to earn income from our original art works and that is to have the art work images, reproduced into various items. BELOW is a link to FINE ART AMERICA where selected art works are offered in museum quality art prints and home/personal items such as shower curtains, pillows and T-Shirts and much more. CHECK it out by linking on the the moving slideshow.

Commission Pet Portraits from Minaz Jantz READ more here
Commission Pet Portraits from Minaz Jantz READ more here
CONTACT: minaz@artgirlgallery.com
LOOKING for a fur-ever gift of fine art for yourself or someone who adores their pet? I accept commissions for pet portraits which you can find more instructions to order and to view more furry faces in a slide show here.

Horse Lovers Math Workbook for Youth
Horse Lovers Math Workbook
 by Deborah Staceywww.horseloversmath.com
I had the pleasure of illustrating a youths grade school math workbook called Horse Lovers Math. I was commissioned to do ten drawings in pencil and it was a wonderful time spent in getting to know more about horses and get back to drawing. I interviewed Deborah Stacey to get some more insight to how she got this genius idea to teach youth math through the passion of horses...check out what she has to say and the drawing illustrations and interview with Deborah here.

Spinderella Soap written & illustrated by Minaz Jantz
Spinderella Soap 
written & illustrated by Minaz Jantz 
Read more here about Spinderella Soap
'Spinderella Soap' was inspired by Cinderella, my first movie as a child and it had deeply influenced me growing up. Some how I felt I too could ride the great carriage to the castle--long story later, I took a break from painting and started to collage with magazines my OWN version of what really happened to Cinderella. Spinderella Soap was a few years in writing and illustrating and its my first book, an Adults ONLY Story book. 

Spinderella Soap
Spinderella Soap 
read more here
Spinderella Soap was launched and presented in my art/live loft, flashing the images onto a GIANT Screen slide show and the poetic reading was done by me. My audience did give me nerves but was so honored that the sexy showtime actresses and crew from the L-Word TV series came to celebrate the launch of Spinderella Soap.  You can read more about this very unique book of art & words HERE.

TripnAround Journals
Tripnaround Journals is personalized stories & tips
 of our travels on a minimum budget.

Check out our travel blog where I write & post  photos and read how we travel on a minimal budget and yet still enjoy everything that each country can offer us. We seek out art museums and I love pastry so that is always on the daily agenda...we aim to be travelers and get into the neighborhoods and connect with locals. I post various links, best priced travelling tips and names of places we enjoyed and others not so great. We plan part of our trips but always leave loosely some freedom to be spontaneous. Find out more here..

May you be inspired reading my blog posts and come back to see my latest projects such as gardening, crafts, cooking, travelling and the never ending discoveries I find in art. 

Minaz Portrait Collage
Minaz Portrait Collage
CONTACT: minaz@artgirlgallery.com
May you be creatively inspired!

Life + Art = Joy    Minaz Jantz

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