Testimonials for Pet Portraits

Testimonials for Pet Portraits

'Play in Garden with Tess & Penny' by Minaz Jantz
ALYSSA BRISBOIS CanadaCoquitlam BC 2010...
 'Play in Garden with Tess & Penny'

 I was ecstatic to see my beautiful finished portrait of Tess and Penny! I was shocked at how much the portrait looked like my photo. Minaz captured their essence perfectly. I can't wait to hang it up for everyone to see and envy! Thank you for this unforgettable experience.

'Hunter is Mr. Personality' by Minaz Jantz
Gift for SANDY BLANK Canada, Ottawa 2009... 
'Hunter is Mr. Personality'

 Dear Minaz:  Thank you for your incredible portrait of my fuzzy guy.  When I got my voice back the first thing I said was 'Minaz captured his essence.'  You, my friend, are an incredible artist.  There's no mistaking it --it's Hunter.  Thank you Minaz.  I understand that you only had 2 days to do it.  It's wonderful and every time I look at it, I have to laugh.  Here's a big hug, Love, Sandy

Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010

Ted's at the cottage with Hunter and I just walked downstairs and for about the 25th time today, I looked at Hunter's portrait.  I love it and have to smile every time I look at it.  Thank you.

'Akasha, The Green Eyed Vamp' &  'Filu, Sweetie is Such a Charm' by Minaz Jantz

'Akasha, The Green Eyed Vamp' &  'Filu, Sweetie is Such a Charm' by Minaz Jantz

(real estate developer and record label executive) Germany, Berlin 2009... 
'Akasha, The Green-Eyed Vamp' &
 'Filu, Sweetie is Such a Charm'

 I thought it was important that the pet portraits be done while Akasha & Filu are still living as I want to think that their souls have time to be absorbed into the pet portraits. I am glad to have made the decision to have these portraits commissioned by Minaz while they are still alive giving an extra vibe into the pet portraits so when one day when sadly they pass away to pet heaven, there will be more warmth and love left behind in my pet art.

Minaz is a true natural talent as she creates these works of art so naturally, as if it were like breathing to her. The pet portraits are my lifetime investments of the heart. I see my pets Akasha & Filu hanging around in my home (Berlin Dahlem) while I get to enjoy the pet portraits dozens of times every day walking by them on my wall. I like seeing that Minaz caught the details realistically of Filu while Akasha’s green eyes are painted hypnotic. I now have the two most beautiful pet portraits I have ever seen and it’s my pleasure to share my thoughts.

I picked out a frame that was hand-made in Austria for both portraits and it was worth waiting for the two weeks for the frames to arrive at the frame shop I also chose the museum glass even though more expensive than regular glass, it's UV protected and non-glare.

Sam I Am (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

Sam I Am (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

MARY KURELUK Canada, Toronto 2009 ... 
'Sam I Am' 

Hi Minaz, I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the amazing portrait of my dog Sam.  I received this as a gift from my good friends, Lori and Peter, and it is the best gift I have ever received.  The painting of Sam is so real, so much like her. You are so talented to have been able to capture the essence of Sam without ever meeting her when this portrait was commissioned.  Considering it was all done online, your professionalism, contact, and progress reports were excellent.  The finished product was beyond my expectations and will last into becoming an heirloom. Thank you again and I will certainly recommend you to all of my friends.

Fuzzy & The Dragonfly (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

Fuzzy & The Dragonfly (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

Softy Feline Feathers (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

Softy Feline Feathers (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

LESLIE COLLINS Chez Leslie B&B France, Colmar 
2008 & 2009...
'Fuzzy & The Dragonfly' & 'Softy Feline Feathers' 

 We love them!  I can't wait to have them both framed and on the wall.   I love the portrait of Softy, it really looks like her and the background is great.  The girls are really excited. Softy looks great in the feathers. She got into one of the rooms today and I found her looking just like in the portrait! Cheers, Leslie

'Kitty Coiffure, Oh My Mushi' (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

'Kitty Coiffure, Oh My Mushi' (Pastel)

SHAUNNA DENIS Canada, Vancouver 2009...
 'Kitty Coiffure, Oh My Mushi'

 My mom was delighted to receive your portrait of her beloved Mushi and  Mushi took a serious look at it too when I leaned it up against the couch for her to see. I know she approved. It captures her personality completely.
Thanks so much, Shaunna Denis

Washington Takes a Nap (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

Washington Takes a Nap (Pastel)

Washington Please (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

Washington Please (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

PAMALA GRIER (actress "L-Word" & "Jackie Brown")
 USA 2008...
'Washington Please ' & 'Washington Takes a Nap' 

                      Minaz, I am weeping fore it is so beautiful. I am transfixed by its beauty. Peter so adores his pastel portraits giving him joy. xxox Pam

Jesse Sayz Throw The Ball (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

Jesse Sayz Throw The Ball (Pastel)

SANDRA MAYO Canada, Cloverdale 2008... 
'Jessie Sayz Throw the Ball'

 Hey Minaz, I love my dog and I love your art.  Jessie comes alive in the painting. Everyone has enjoyed the piece. Take care Sandra

She Wants to Be Famous (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

She Wants to Be Famous (Pastel)

 MARGARET FLEETWOOD Canada, Vancouver 2007...
'Tyro, She Wants to be Famous'

 Minaz, I LOVE it & showed my friend who loves it too and now knows about your website.  Tyro approves as she sits beside her portrait... which appeals to her vanity. She loves to look at herself in the mirror!  Margaret F.

Kobe The Landscaper (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

Kobe The Landscaper (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

ERIN SMITH Canada, Vancouver 2007...
 'Kobe Landscaping'

 Thank you Minaz. I will be giving this awesome piece to my husband for his birthday. (in a few weeks).  I have a hard time keeping it a secret. Kobe definitely loves life and brings so much joy to the people around him. All the best, Erin

Lacy Take a Break (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

Lacy Take a Break (Pastel)

LORI GIBSON Canada, Toronto 2007... 
'Take-a-Break with Lacy'

The pet portrait artwork produced by Minaz Jantz expresses an authentic real connection to the subject. I see depth, joy, and pure bliss in all the creatures captured by Minaz’s imagination. It is as though Minaz can read the animal minds and understand their true essence. There is a healing component when you receive a portrait of your loving companion done in such a personalized setting. The portraits bring the animal to life; their very spirit springs forward off of the canvas. Minaz wants to do more than just capture an image of your animal companion; she wants to understand who they are; what are their quirks; this is what is clearly communicated in the finished art piece. Minaz’s artwork is unique and definitely not boring.  

Thank you for taking the time to understand who Lacey is to Peter and me and for so cleverly capturing Lacey in her most favorite chillin’ meditative state. I always look forward to viewing the latest additions to the ‘petartfurever’, the images make my day a little brighter and never fail to bring a smile to my face. Awesome and Inspired. Cheers-  Lori G.

Rosy in Color (Pastel) by Minaz Jantz

Rosy in Color (Pastel)

COLLEEN GIBSON Canada, Surrey 2007... 
'Rosy in Color'
www.colleenalldogs.com  Doggy Day Care

Minaz captured my kitty Rosie Muurrrr with her unusual markings and character that define her as her kitty self. I was impressed with how she managed to pull out Rosie's charm into the picture. Minaz has great insight into the animal’s personality and what works for the portrait, even the background is a part of the animal’s character. The quality of the actual pastels used shows in the vibrancy of the many layers of colors that create such depth in the final product. I would highly recommend her to do a pet portrait for you of a current pet or one that has passed as a wonderful, heartfelt reminder of a great pal you shared your life with.

CONTACT Minaz: minaz@artgirlgallery.com

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