Passing of a Pet


A Tribute to R.I.P. Stormy a.k.a. The Bossman

Rest in Peace, Stormy, a.k.a The Bossman. 

All of us who have been blessed by a remarkable pet spirit, feel a massive loss of their passing, and yet we are grateful for the profound heartfelt connection and their intermediary stewardship of untamed nature. This spirit doesn't speak our language but has manipulated our feelings and minds to cross that subterranean bridge to mother earth. 

Best dog friends Stormy & Ziggy.

Stormy, a rather large Havanese loved his two human women fussing over and feeding him.  In return, he took his job of protecting not only their home but took on the responsibility of the entire strip running along the property line on the Rails to Trails as his territory to protect invaders. We would know if someone was walking along the trail and they knew to keep moving on... or else.. well not so vicious actually but  SHHHUSH, they do not know that! Good JOB Stormy!

Stormy was our neighbor, across the lake and we all would meet up for regular walks and coffee talks. My dog Ziggy, a silky terrier, was a 5-year-old rescue who was unsettled with past homes, but then he manifested or should say 'dog-fested' us, the Dog-Disney world with me, Jim, and his best friend Stormy. 

Stormy & Ziggy walking the Atlantic Trail at 3 Fathom Harbour, N.S.

The two dogs became instant friends, sharing each other's passion for being DOGS. Ziggy discovered that pheasants hid in the tall grass and when scarred out of it, have tantalizing clacking sounds when they flutter clumsily away. Thrilled to use his pointy ears to listen for pheasant and joined with the willful terrier energy, this is just a short harmless chase. 

Ziggy's passion for pheasant rustling was passed onto Stormy, the two would go together into the woods to flush out the pheasant, and when they did, OHHH the joy on their faces, and we would clap and cheer...YEAH! 

Ziggy scared of water.

Ziggy was scared of entering the water BEFORE his best friend Stormy's influence.

Stormy had a passion for being in the water and in return taught Ziggy to not be afraid but to go fearlessly into the cool healing water. Now Ziggy loves to go into the ocean and the lake walking up to his neck in water... not big on swimming but relaxed enough that I can take him on a waterboard and put him on my shoulder, me wearing a life jacket and flippers to go swimming around the lake together.

Stormy enjoys being in water.

Thanks to Stormy's influence on Ziggy
 to become fearless and wade into a body of water.

Confidence encouraged by Stormy, 
now Ziggy gets to shoulder depth into the lake & ocean.

Ziggy has his very own water board while I swim him out.

Our friends Stormy, Linda & Marcelle moved away last year and soon afterward, surprisingly, Stormy passed away. Marcelle contacted me a few months later and wondered if she could commission a pet portrait. YES, of course, I would LOVE to paint the memorable Stormy but not for money, this is a gift for years of friendship.

Marcelle went through all her photos to find those that said something about who he is and there were a lot of great shots of 9 years hanging out with Stormy. 

I picked out a 12"x12"x3" thick canvas and wanted to show off his unique eyes. He could be called a couch potato or could say he was a relaxed and aloof character at times. One photo stood out with him rolled up in the turquoise shaggy blanket. That said everything I needed for a chunky painting style in oils on a 12"x12" canvas.

'Stormy Blanket Roll' pet portrait by Minaz Jantz

'Stormy Blanket Roll'
12" x 12" x 3" Oil on canvas

Painting about 50 pet portraits over the years brings me joy to create their personalities evoking their spirit onto the surface, saying something uniquely them, each one bringing a story and a memory to those who own the painting.

If you have ever considered getting your pet painted into fine art, you can go to my post to find out more about what to look for in photos that best help the artist to create. Many times there is no one perfect photo just like this one of Stormy that took 4 photos for me to reference to make this one painting. Close-ups of the face are very helpful.

Here is my pet portfolio & link to instructions to check out...


Love & Bark, Minaz


Marcelle Drake said...

It warms my heart to have my pet portrait of Stormy furever. It is the best gift! Stormy was everything to me and I miss him so much. You did an amazing job capturing Stormy's essence and that look in his eyes! This painting makes me so happy, I love it! Thank you Minaz!

Lori said...

What a great life it was for stormy, I'm happy to have met him. Ziggy found a true friend. Love the stormy blue in the painting.

Anonymous said...

Minaz your pet portrait of Stormy has brought us so much joy, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Stormy & Ziggy had the best life, full of adventures & exploring in nature - they’re favourite thing!

Artist Minaz Jantz said...

It is true that those two dogs had a blast with each other and were super happy with bringing along their human friends to enjoy nature and fun play. Now that Ziggy has passed from my life, walking in nature is half the joy. Having a dog to walk in nature is my most pleasurable joy.

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