Sacred Geometry & Pear Square

 'PEAR SQUARE' by Minaz Jantz Ink on paper  11"x 11"
'PEAR SQUARE' by Minaz Jantz
Ink on paper  11"x 11"
“Nature is relationships in space.
Geometry defines relationships in space.
Art creates a relationship in space. “ 
an introduction to the book ‘Universal Patterns’
by Martha Boles and Rochelle Newman

Artists can add methods of composition planning using the Golden Mean Sacred Geometry. I found a series of books written by Martha Boles & Rochelle Newman, the authors of “Universal Patterns”. I signed the books out so many times from the Vancouver library you think I owned the books. Finally, I thought it’s time to buy the books and add it to my collection of useful art books. 

During the 80’s, I learned to use drafting tools while studying Interior Design. I can say that drawing precisely can test your patience but once intrigued by the endless shapes and things you can build with numbers, drafting tools, and an only a pencil, it is an absolutely magical experience with drawing.

I also became familiar with Mother Natures math described as the Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, Divine Proportions’ and Sacred Geometry. Here you can read some definitions and examples… (www.crystalinks.com/sg.html)

Math Ball reflected in mirror Ink on card paper folded into a  dodecahedron by Minaz jantz
Math Ball reflected in the mirror
Ink on card paper folded into a  dodecahedron
by Minaz Jantz

Over the years, I have dedicated a few days together indulging the lessons from ‘Universal Patterns’ with each lesson taking me further along, step by step to more complicated measuring practices with my goal to eventually make spirals... accurately.  Included in the book are some insightful history and examples of our world in relation to the Number Phi 1.6180… a naturally occurring number in architecture, leaves, plants, and shells, including all living things.

Sitting in my loft window, I flashed an image of geometry to describe ‘Pear Square’.  I submitted my artwork ‘Pear Square’ to a website dedicated to ONLY pears. I discovered www.pearathon.com where artists in various mediums submit their pear paintings for public viewing. If you are a Pear Fan you must go and see the pears in all their glorious shapes from many artistic interpretations.

Be Pear Be Square!!!... Minaz Jantz

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