Flowers & Things Gallery

Flowers N Things Gallery

'Flowers & Things Gallery' is an ongoing collection of paintings featuring flowers, still life, and some of my favorite things.

The Snails Hideout by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

The Snails Hideout  SOLD
5"x7" (Pastel)

The Snails Hideout was a gifted bouquet of flowers that came with a small snail, tucked inside the petals of the flower wondering what happened to its garden. 

Rusty Skull Garden by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Rusty Skull Garden SOLD
 8" x 10" (Pastel)

Rusty Skull Garden is filled with found objects like skulls and rusty beach treasures I find on my beach walks.

Purple Pansy & White Moth by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Purple Pansy & White Moth  SOLD
9" x 11"  (Pastel)

Purple Pansy & White Moth features its intricate beauty and perfection designed to feed the right kind of bug. 

Pink Petal Blast by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Pink Petal Blast  SOLD
9" x 11"  (Pastel)

Triple Tease Tulips by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Triple Tease Tulips  SOLD
5.5" X 18" (Pastel)

Triple Tease Tulips... The 17th century Dutch had an influential growing middle class that would show their wealth by the types of flowers they had painted reflecting the times of Tulip Mania

Lotus Divine by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Lotus Divine  SOLD
9" x 11"  (Pastel)

Purple Daisies & Dragonflies by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Purple Daisies & Dragonflies  SOLD
9" x 11"  (Pastel)

A Rose is a Rose by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

A Rose is a Rose  SOLD
9" x 11"  (Pastel)

Fuchsia Illumination by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Fuchsia Illumination  SOLD
12" x 12" x 3" (Oil)

Growing Roots in Seaforth by Minaz Jantz (Pencil)

Growing Roots in Seaforth  SOLD
 14" x 16" (Pencil)

Magnolia Magnificent by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Magnolia Magnificent  SOLD
9" x 11"  (Pastel)

Midnight Geranium by Minaz Jantz (Pastel, Ink & Tissue)

Midnight Geranium  SOLD
27" x 21"  (Pastel, ink, pastel mediums & tissue)

Moonlight Garden Dance by Minaz Jantz (Scratchboard)

Moonlight Garden Dance  SOLD
12" x 9"  (Scratchboard)

Pink Poppy Abstract by Minaz Jantz (Watercolor)

Pink Poppy Abstract  SOLD
5" x 7"  (Watercolor)

Pink Poppy Upclose by Minaz Jantz (Watercolor)

Pink Poppy Upclose  SOLD
5" x 7"  (Watercolor)

Purple Magnolia Blossom by Minaz Jantz (Watercolor)

Purple Magnolia Blossom  SOLD
7" x 5"  (Watercolor)

Renter's Roses by Minaz Jantz (watercolor, pastel, gold, stitching)

Renter's Roses  SOLD
17" x 20"  (watercolor, pastel, gold, stitching)
To read more about 'Renter's Roses'...link here.

Diptych Sunflowers TOP by Minaz Jantz (Oil)
Diptych Sunflowers BOTTOM by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Diptych Sunflowers  TOP & BOTTOM  SOLD
12" x 12" x 3" (Oil)

The Romance of Flowers by Minaz Jantz ( Pastel & multimedia)

The Romance of Flowers  SOLD
16" x 12"  ( Pastel, stitching, felt, assemblage, foils &papers)
To read more about 'The Romance with Flowers' and how it is made and constructed to fit into a box. 

Lucky Lady Bug Shoes by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Lucky Lady Bug Shoes  SOLD
16" x 20"  (Oil)

Fashion Favorites Nineteen Nighties by Minaz Jantz (Watercolor & Stitching)

Fashion Favorites Nineteen Nighties  SOLD
16" x 20"  (Watercolor & Stitching)

Toilet Inspirations by Minaz Jantz (Charcoal & Pastel)

Toilet Inspirations  SOLD
14" x 16"  (Charcoal & Pastel)

Love is Sharing Cake by Minaz Jantz (Watercolor, pastel, stitching & collage)

Love is Sharing Cake  SOLD
9: x 12" (Watercolor, pastel, stitching & collage)

Tipping Point by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Tipping Point SOLD 
11" x 14"  (Oil)

Three Oranges & Kettle by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Three Oranges & Kettle  SOLD
9" x 11" (Pastel)

Conch Shell by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Conch Shell SOLD
6" x 6" (Oil)

Escargot Shell by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Escargot Shell  SOLD
6"x 6"  (Oil)

Mollusk Shell by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Mollusk Shell SOLD
6" x 6" (Oil)

There is a Unicorn in my Rock Garden by Minaz Jantz

There is a Unicorn in my Rock Garden
Derwent XL Graphite Blocks on Artagain Drawing Paper

Read more about the new mediums and art inspiration.

Garden Dance by Minaz Jantz

Garden Dance
Holbein Acrylic Gouache, Watercolor & Pens on Fabriano Hot Press W/C (12" x 9")

Pink Waterlily by Minaz Jantz

Pink Waterlily
Holbein Acrylic Gouache on Fabriano Hot Press w/c (5"x7")

Truth or Dare: Goat Skull & Tulip by Minaz Jantz

Truth or Dare: Goat Skull & Tulip
soft pastel on Clairefontaine PastelMate paper (10" x 10")

Thank you for viewing my art & may your find beauty all around you, Minaz

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