Bring Bling into Art Using Foils (Leafing)

'Mondrian Goes Knots' by Minaz Jantz
'Mondrian Goes Knots' by Minaz Jantz
Bristol paper, pencil, Copic Marker, multi-color foil
I like using metallic foils in my art works and use both the fabric foils and the typical craft store metallic leafing found in all art and craft stores.  Who doesn't love SHINNY things and sparkling jewels? 

Fine art painters in the 1400's used gold leaf to enhance their religious icon paintings during an era called the Byzantine www.britannica.com and modern artists, like Gustav Klimt certainly was inspired by these eye catching ICON paintings and later got interest in adding gold leaf in some of his painting compositions to bring ambient light and an essence of spiritual glow. To read more about Gustav Klimt using gold leafing in his series of paintings..www.klimt.com/en/biography/1899---1910

'LIVE Recording at The Yale Blues Club, Vancouver B.C. ' by Minaz Jantz
Original sketch 'LIVE Recording at 
The Yale Blues Club, Vancouver B.C. '
A drawing created while hanging out in the basement recording studio. Up on the stage and up stairs, is the band playing wildly for an audience while being recorded LIVE! 

by Minaz Jantz

My musician series of sketches where created while hanging out in blues clubs, stages, festivals and recording studios where I drew upon the energy with line drawings, describing the spaces, performances, dancers, musicians and patrons.

Later, I would paint from these sketches and wanted to add the SHINE, reminiscent of the stage lights as well as the ambient colored lights coming from music boards. The following paintings have the PLAID fabric foils in various colors. I would later cover all of the acrylic paintings with a clear acrylic varnish for extra protection.

'LIVE Recording at the Yale Blues Club' By Minaz Jantz
Painting from the original sketch featured above.
'LIVE Recording at the Yale Blues Club'
By Minaz Jantz
YUPO paper, acrylic paint, PLAID fabric foils

'Rock Cafe, Port Credit Blues Festival' by Minaz Jantz
'Rock Cafe, Port Credit Blues Festival'
by Minaz Jantz
Watercolor paper, Chinese Ink, acrylic paint, soft pastel, PLAID fabric foil

I use metallic paints occasionally too but they have their limitations of dazzle appeal unlike foils. I first discovered PLAID Fabric Foils on clearance, in a LIQUIDATION store in 1990's. What made this become my favorite foil to use, was its silicone glue that squirted out of the tube, to make a thick impasto raised surface versus the flatness of typical foil glues.  

DYED Paper Mache bowl with PLAID fabric foil  by Minaz Jantz
DYED Paper Mache bowl with PLAID fabric foil 
by Minaz Jantz
DYED Paper Mache bowl with PLAID fabric foil  by Minaz Jantz
INSIDE the DYED paper mache bowl 
with PLAID fabric foil,
star fish and pearl  

by Minaz Jantz
I have used PLAID fabric foils on surfaces such as YUPO paper, paper mache, watercolor paper, canvas and foam core. Some of the oldest paintings with PLAID fabric foil go back to the 1990's and can say that the PLAID fabric foils have been stable and not changed in any way. No color fading, the shine is still the same and no tarnishing and the glue has kept it's impasto thickness. SO far so good! I contacted PLAID (the manufacture) and asked them to bring back this specific product and market it to ARTISTS but they said no more to that style of fabric foil glue. Now its become a stencil type of glue that is more liquid for fabric foils and looks like its the same sturdy foils. (Find it at Joann's fabric stores and Micheal's Craft stores).

'Universal Knot Box' by Minaz Jantz
'Universal Knot Box' by Minaz Jantz
Bristol paper, pencil, Copic Markers, scraps of saved foil bits.

Traditional Gold foil leafing kits have expanded over the years to offer more fantastic colors. You can find foil kits for sale in most craft and art stores.If your wanting REAL gold foil, those kits would be hidden away behind locked doors and obviously more expansive to buy. Framers and fine wood workers might want REAL gold leaf but for my budget, the craft leafing will do just fine for most of what I am creating. 

Here is a few KNOT drawings where I used a variety of color foils, including using the scraps of foils I save in a box so I can use it for texture BLING, like bits of jewels as shown in my art work 'Universal Knot Box'.  Foils bring  a bit of glamour and reflects gorgeous light and shine to an otherwise mat surface.

'Healing Hearts' by Minaz Jantz
'Healing Hearts' by Minaz Jantz
Bristol Paper, Copic Markers, pencil, & multi-color foils
If you have not tried using foils in your art works, you might like to give them a try. Here are some examples presented on this video displayed which demonstrates the various gold leaf foils that are for sale. 

Till next time, SHINE BRIGHTLY, Minaz Jantz

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