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Geo-Espresso Series by Minaz Jantz

'Geo-Espresso Series 2012' 
I had one of those rare moments in life, where a big cross-country move, offered me some uninterrupted, relatively peaceful, creative and exciting time & space. This gracious moment offered me the opportunity to dive into studying a collection of geometry and Celtic knotting books I have been saving for just this kind of time.  After several months of 'self-inflicted' lessons, I put to practice what I had gleaned from these books and had been looking forward to sacred geometry & a knotty challenge for a long time. 

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Nascent Fertility by Minaz Jantz

Divine Proportion, Sacred Geometry and Golden Ratio (1.618) is a universal math to describe this natural geometry in all life forms. It was understood and used in the ancient world to build Egyptian Pyramids but why is this natural math not taught in our public schools? Why only a few artists and some science/math geeks know about the universal math? Is there some kind of conspiracy going on? 

Thankfully, the internet has surfaced the universal math and now anyone can learn the magic of the universe through geometry and math.  

Before the internet, one would have to hunt down old books and find someone to explain it and demonstrate the possibilities of this geometry used in art & architecture. 

Years ago, I learned the golden math ratio's when studying Interior Design at Mount Royal College. The heavy project workload for daily assignments was exasperating but it did drill into my brain the ability to SEE natural math which can become intuitive and organic in my spontaneous creative art making. The lessons taught me how to organize shapes with accuracy and to creative with a good foundation to get out my visions. 

I LOVE LIBRARIES and still do even with the internet, nothing better feeling than a book on my lap. I was hooked on one book for many years and signed it out so often at the Vancouver Library you would think I owned the Universal Patterns by Martha Boles & Rochelle Newman! 

The book Universal Patterns has been out of print and took me several years to find a series of these books USED and for sale on the internet...SOLD! 

Universal Patterns took me on a journey with step by step lessons with lots of creative art projects to try out.  more about the lesson projects starting here. 

I have collected links to more information on Math Art...check out my PINTEREST links below.

The world is divinely created with sacred geometry which could be described as a spiritual porthole to the divine. Could GOD be MATHEMATICIAN? 

Sacred architecture and art utilize the golden mathematical ratios 1.618 to build the churches, palaces and religious art such as Michelangelo's ceiling painting in the Sistine Chapel called The Creation of Adam. This masterpiece was created entirely with golden ratio 1.618.

Kaleidoscope Tango by Minaz Jantz

Past lives, future lives, heaven or something else, these concepts makes it certainly be a possibility in my mind when I study sacred geometry. Every molecule is connected to a pattern and every person who THINKS and who lives creates an energetic pattern. 

Fusion Flight for Cosmic Souls by Minaz Jantz
Sacred Geometry studies lead my dreams into vivid colours and it seems to be a porthole magnetically charged with patterns where nothing is random but is connected to GOD energy of the infinite. I am a 'witness' with a new set of eyes! 

Theological Transmigration by Minaz Jantz

Another challenge to learn was the fascinating tricky design work called Celtic Knotting. I also like to study the cultures behind the designs and find meanings behind some of the symbolism by watching historical YouTube videos of various cultures that used the knotting design to embellish their weapons, books, jewellery, gravestones etc.
Tsnunami Manifesation by Minaz Jantz

While I was creating this series, the 2011 Tsunami hit Japan. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had just arrived to visit their two sons living in Tokyo before the Tsunami hit. We waited for days to hear if all was well with the family and YES all of them survived!

'Tsunami Manifestation' was a response to nature and human invention that has created a toxic world that is not going away any time soon. That particular Tsunami POKED us to change our ways and with nature's wake up call many countries cancelled their plans to build new nuclear plants as risks demonstrated in Japan are much too high. Since then there have been plans to close down OLD nuclear plants like in Germany and to adapt our needs for energy with wind, sun and water.
Fast Finish at the Beginning by Minaz Jantz
Building a house from scratch can be very stressful but no less a lesson in the process of multi-dimensional geometry. Geo-Espresso series was created on a roundtable in a rental garage apartment while building our new studio and home in Seaforth, Nova Scotia. 

 Read more & see photos using new methods of building and our custom architectural design.  

Oracle Utternace in Silence by Minaz Jantz

Our home & studio design was originally influenced by the spiral and even the land coming to the house is a spiral which flows naturally throughout the interior too. We live on the ocean and the weather intensity has to be considered, utilizing better design to cope with winds and to capture the sun rays to heat our house. The plans where roughly drawn out on computer paper and with the collective talents of several local people we built a unique home and studio that works well for us so we can create and be JOYFUL in our personal geometry! Read more here about our Home Sweet Home here.

Fibonacci Fish in the Deep Blue Sea by Minaz Jantz

All my personal belongings and art supplies were in moving storage so I had to buy some new supplies to create art in my limited rental space. Bristol board paper has a nice smooth finish that makes for crisp lines and the new Ciao markers blended well in glazing layers of various colours to get texture and values in the designs. 

Euphoric Shadows Transcending by Minaz Jantz

The Bristol board papers' surface responded well to my new discovery of the medium alcohol ink brand from Japan called Copic Ciao Artist Marker Inks. I bought the refills for the marker pens as I used a lot of ink layering and filling in the white space of the paper. 

Moroccan Sunset by Minaz Jantz

The Copic Markers have different size nibs for each end. I also used Staedtler and Sharpies for their different type nibs but they sadly do not come with refills. Alcohol-based inks dries fast and relatively permanent and use rubbing alcohol to create effects and for clean up. I truly enjoy the drawing and painting with inks and will look forward to adding to my Copic Marker collection in the future.

Dog Blankets in Stitches #2 by Minaz Jantz

Dog Blankets in Stitches #1 by Minaz Jantz
During the time we rented our apartment above the garage, a neighbour Linda asked if I would help co-foster rescue dogs with her. It was pure pleasure to do so and of course this influenced my art composition such as the 2 version of 'Dog Blanket in Stitches'. When a dog moves into a human space, they enjoy their own blankets, toys and pillows! My rescue Ziggy has a pillow fetish and one day there might be a painting with him on layers of pillows! To read more about the dog fosters.

Spring into Paisley by Minaz Jantz

Enjoy my art 'Geo-Espresso' series, combining an abstract composition using both Sacred Geometry and Celtic Knotting to manifest a colourful design series.  'Geo-Espresso' means that geometry wakes us up like a great cup of espresso! 

Until next time...try geometry on for size!...Minaz

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