Organizing the Art Studio

Falling Boxes

Falling Boxes!!!! It is not a pop band...hahah! Its a conditional disaster in my overwhelming disorganized art studio! Interior design is more than a LOOK or a style as much its how our STUFF is organized to suit its purpose. Time to RE-DO IT!

QUOTE by designer Charles Eames. 'Design is a plan for arranging elements in a way that best accomplishes a particular purpose.'

NEW House & Studio Building
Building our new house was designed for the view and ease of cleaning and neither of us wanted stairs to climb. An art studio shared with my musician mate was designed with some sound proofing and for me I needed space for my creative art world. Stuff was in storage for over a year so when it arrived, everything was still in boxes and have been unpacking them since December 2011.

ArtGirlGallery art studio
Between buying new shelving, finding FREE chairs & cabinets on the side of the road and cheap work TABLES, it took some time to fill the studio. Along the way I adopted a cute little fire cracker named Ziggy. He doesn't like my art studio, as stuff is always FALLING DOWN so I keep him on a chair.

My art studio was LOOMING over my head with boxes still unpacked. I seemed to be always LOOKING for my stuff so it was completely disorganized and driving me nuts. 

ArtGirlGallery art studio needs organizing.
BLACK LOOMING plastic shelves moved into the center of my art studio as it used to be in the wash room now turned into a song writing room. Always hated those shelves with canning jars and crap on it, blocking my light. I had to clear out the electric room to put in the BLACK LOOMING shelves with the canning jars where they can LOOM away!... GOOD RIDDENS!

ArtGirlGallery art studio needs organizing.
I have put off this daunting task of reorganizing my whole art studio but winter was coming and one nice sunny day with no winds, which is rare living on the ocean, presented the perfect day for emptying the entire studio to the outside driveway and start from scratch.

ArtGirlGallery art studio is organized NOW.

ArtGirlGallery art studio is organized NOW.

I also had the need for an open space so I can handle large framing projects with the ability to walk around four sides of the 2 working tables. 

Making Corner Frame Sample display.
I needed to make room on my walls to make a display for the corner frame samples. A large sheet of mat board stuck together to a thick piece of cardboard and 4 strips of 2 inch velcro was going to be my new display. It took me 4 tries with various glues to find that regular GOOP worked to stick the 2 inch plastic velcro to the paper board. Fortunately, the framing corners come with velcro on its corner so all I had to do was make the display for them to attach too.

Display with corner frame samples of metal and wood options.
Being an artist is an endless series of projects that is not always about making art but building the biz around the art. Recently, I bought new tools for customize framing services for my art collectors...read more here. 

ArtGirlGallery customized framing services.

Its amazing how different the art studio looks and much easier to FIND STUFF and works better for framing and art making. LOVE to grab a tea and spend hours in the studio, feeling like only a minute went by..this is why I love living my life as artist...time flies when your having fun...after the clean up!

If you don't like it...CHANGE IT...Minaz  

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