Creative Fine Art Framing

Creative Framing by Minaz Jantz

There are many ways to frame art creatively with the ultimate need to preserve the original artwork using acid-free framing materials.

Creative framing with handcut mat & foil by Minaz Jantz

Recently, I purchased an etching from a local artist Joseph Purcell also known as Joe Black. He created this etching print in 1983 when he was attending NSCAD University

What is an etching print?

Etching, 'It was Foretold', by Joseph Purcell (Joe Black) 1983

Etching, 'It was Foretold', by Joseph Purcell (Joe Black) 1983

One day I will immerse myself into the art forms of printing but in the meantime, I have Joe's work to inspire. 

I fell in love with this piece titled, ' It is Foretold'. Joe says it is loosely created around the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia homesteads of his grandfather and uncle's house. There was then and still is a concern today about sharing precious well water. Looking at the wizard man on the right looks so much like Joe today! The nude gal is water scrying, a method of seeing into the future. 
To read more about scrying practice...

Closeup of foil and freehand cut mat.

I decided to cut the silver shiny mat by hand to mimic water and movement. I have some very old fabric foil glue by PLAID that creates a thick surface for the foil to stick and after cutting the mat with an Exacto blade I took the thick glue and stuck it to the edge of the mat. After the glue dried, it is fun to add the foil.

Lineco is the only company I know who makes supplies that are acid-free for the preservation of objects from art to books. I used this water-soluble tape to attach the etchings' top edge to an acid-free foam core board. In the future, it could be easily removed with a slightly damp sponge cloth.

Mat board layers for etching.

There are a couple of ways to cut mat board and one way typically is to cut 45 degrees angled edge showing the inner core of the mat. But not always is that kind of edge the best choice as the eye is drawn to usually white mat core and this can be distracting rather than enhancing the art. 

The other choice to cut mat is called the reverse beveled cut which just means cutting in reverse where the 45-degree bevel is on the backside showing on the outside a sharp clean line of the mat with no core showing.


Mat board layers for art.

The fine art etching is attached to the acid-free Foam-Core board that is the size of the frame then the decorative matboard is attached to the foam core backing with acid-free double-sided tape by 3M. 

The top white mat layer has foam-core strips called spacers and is attached underside and will remain hidden. Its purpose is to raise the top mat board from the foil mat board and create depth in viewing the art.

Close-up of the various layers of mat and frame.

VIOLA... The finished frame with a contemporary black wood frame with the mat creatively cut, enhancing the eye to look into the etching from Joseph Purcell. 

Joe Purcell has since passed away on October 16, 2020, after a battle with cancer.
May he create beauty for all eternity.

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