DIY Closet Transformation

No need to spend BIG BUCKS for DIY transformation for home decor. One pint of mineral paint for $20.00 and a couple new ceramic knobs for $10.00 with two days to spare, and at the end of all that effort was a cleaned-out coat closet and a fresh new look to our beach house entrance.

Fusion Mineral Paint and Ceramic Knobs

I am a fine art painter who uses professional paints and can say, I am impressed with the Fusion paint coverage & quality. The mineral paint went on with ease as it has the right medium mix for sliding along the unfinished wood surfaces like soft butter. It is very forgiving paint and washes up easy, with no smell.

SUCCESS IS ALL ABOUT THE PREPARATION. The first step and a very important step is the preparation before painting. I took some T.S.P. cleaner (Trisodium Phosphate Powder) in a bucket with a clean rag and washed the entire closet. It's surprising how much YELLOW dirt, grease, and dust came off the surface. This is an important step to ensure the success of the painting job.

It is a must to get the right brushes for success. What I used is a durable thick hog hair brush used for painting furniture and good enough quality to not break bristles onto the freshly painted surface... no one likes picking hairs out of fast-drying wet paint! The brush was so durable I could crush the paint into the tight corners.  Got to move fast when taking on a project with this paint so make sure there are no distractions when painting.

DOUBLE THUMBS UP!!! There was amazing milage in one pint of paint and there was enough to have two coats on the doors and two coats on the closet frame. I read that it is durable paint and should be kind to the doors for 21 days as the paint needs to cure hard. 

Fusion BLUE Champness Mineral Paint  and Ceramic Handpainted Knob

It took 8 years of looking at these bi-fold doors from HomeDepot to make a final decision about what to do with the entrance into the funky beach house. 

This winter I was going through decor therapy and stopped into our local shop Knackered Vintage to Modern Store to buy some handpainted ceramic knobs and a pint of mineral paint from Fusion

Finally, this summer I get back into the decorating mode and turned on one of my favorite podcasts This American Life to listen to insightful stories about real people. Tedious painting of the closet details can be numbed out by listening to podcasts. I find music makes me want to MOVE whereas podcasts help me sit still and listen. Highly recommend PODCASTS for doing tedious work!

Bali Hand Woven Fabric & Wood Beads

I had already got a start to transforming the entrance this winter with cubby hole drapes using handwoven Bali fabric and Indonesian wood beads. 

Read more about my DIY drapes transformation...

Falling Leaves Felted Chandelier by Minaz Jantz

This winter I also made a felted chandelier, Falling Leaves. I had a lot of unknowns to make this special light for the entrance. Can read more about it here...Falling Leaves Felted Chandelier

Viola Transformation!!! May this inspire you, Minaz

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