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1998 Caricature Drawing  of Minaz By Rudy
1998 Caricature Drawing
of Minaz By Rudy
Art prints & personal shopping of selected art works of Minaz Jantz is offered for purchase with Fine Art America. The prints are museum quality and have lots of choices to buy image on canvas, various papers and even metal prints. The personal shopping items are fun to have your own personalized Minaz Jantz art put onto items such as pillows, shower curtains, bed-covers, shopping bags, apparel and cards.

Fine Art America has turned out to be the only online company who treats their artists' respectfully by allowing us to have control over the retail pricing and gives us a percentage worthy to earn a living. Fine Art America has also opened up locations in Europe and recently in Canada to produce artist quality prints and excellent framing choices for retail. 

Fine Art America  products are given a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. 

A few years ago Fine Art America also signed agreements with the Film Industry and with Interior Designers. One of my prints 'Chello, My Adorable Friend' ended up in a TV series called 'Snips & Clips' with Vergia Network.

Chello, My Adorable Friend by Minaz Jantz
'Chello, My Adorable Friend'
pastel on sandpaper
by Minaz Jantz
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Fine Art America has offered a new tool for viewing art works on your walls before purchasing. Using smartphones with a built in camera, you may select & preview the images, projecting it onto the wall and change the size and the position till you get exactly what you want before you buy. HOW TO Show Art on Walls with smartphones


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