People Portraits Gallery

'People Portraits Gallery' People have such interesting features, each person is similar and yet we are each unique. To paint the human is to catch the nuisances inline such as; the smirk, a cowlick, a smile, and Gawd forbid a wrinkle. 

Tribute to Leonard Cohen by Minaz Jantz (Ink)

Tribute to Leonard Cohen SOLD

Old School Art Gallery 2017 had an opening theme inspired by Canadian musician and songwriter Leonard Cohen who had recently passed on. Read more about this artwork 

2017 Stephen & Sir Gunther (kitten) Charcoal & Pastel by Minaz Jantz commissioned

Stephen & Gunther (Kitten)  SOLD
Charcoal & Purple Pastel

Hatch Back Travels by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Hatch Back Travels  SOLD
11"x14" (Oil)

I owned a hatchback and traveled across North America with my son Dustin and dog Dixie who were comfortable traveling companions. 

Baker Boy by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Baker Boy  SOLD
11"x14" (Oil)

Baker Boy was my first oil painting. Without any drawing preparation, I just went for it until I was finished at the end of a few hours. I fell in love with this medium instantly and gave up acrylic paint right then and there. I picked this photo of my son wearing his favorite kitchen uniform made by his Grandma Jantz. Dustin was taught to bake at a very early age.
Floating Buddies by Minaz Jantz (Acrylic)

Floating Buddies  SOLD
11"x 14" (Acrylic)

Floating Buddies is a moment in time with Dixie, the dog, and my son, Dustin. Bassets are short-legged and large body-type dogs not built for swimming as they roll like a log. The solution to keeping them together was to get an air mattress and Dixie loved to be by Dustin's side to float together.

Winter Apples by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Winter Apples SOLD
14" x 18" (Pastel)

Winter Apples is a portrait of Dustin and Bill, the horse, who loved to follow Dustin around the field. Bill liked to initiate some kind of play, poking with his nose to snuffle his sleeve! 

Open Wide by Minaz Jantz (Acrylic)

Open Wide  SOLD
 5" x 7"  (Acrylic)

Open Wide is a neighbor's horse named Bill. He was a good animal friend of Dustin's childhood but we were moving away and wanted to come back one last time to say goodbye. 

Lazy Boy Cowboy by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Lazy Boy Cowboy  SOLD
16" x 20"  (Pastel)

Lazy Boy Cowboy is a portrait of my sister's father-in-law in his favorite plaid chair that both have seen better days! 

Portrait of Melany by Minaz Jantz (Oil Study)

Portrait of Melany SOLD
12" x 8" (Oil Study)

Portrait of Melany... Years ago, I had some time and money to study drawing and painting at an art studio. I took some classes at the Vancouver Art Academy and had the instructor and school founder, Micheal Britton who got me started in portrait drawing... he would often say to us students, "use your Martini eye to view the model". 

Mother's Play by Minaz Jantz (Pastel)

Mother's Play  SOLD
17" x 17" (Pastel)

Mother's Play was a neighbor in our loft building who came by my loft for some keys when I noticed the 'sparkle dust' energy all over this new mum and son. I dreamt about doing their portrait that night and woke up motivated to make a plan to do so! The background light effect was to emulate the Madonna and baby Jesus so popular in religious icon paintings. 
 Can read more here...

Thailand Breakfast with Grandma by Minaz Jantz (Oil & Foil)

Thailand Breakfast with Grandma  SOLD
11" x 14" (Oil & Foil)

Thailand Breakfast with Grandma & Grandchild was a family we met while traveling to Thailand in 2006. There was a coup going on in Thailand and the military was seen in various areas of Thailand. We stayed at a small quaint resort in Kanchanaburi and here is where I met and chatted with this lovely older woman who turned out to be a Princess of Thailand.  Read more here in my travel journals.

Larry & His VW Gone Fishing by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Larry & His VW Gone Fishing SOLD
 11"x14" (Oil)

Larry & His VW  A collector of cars and a man who is self-sufficient. He showed me this old photo of his youth and told me how much he enjoyed his VW ride and remembers that one successful fishing hole! 

Geisha Girl by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Geisha Girl  SOLD
48" x 24"  (Oil)

Devon in Black by Minaz Jantz (Oil)

Devon in Black SOLD
40" x 30"  (Oil)

Jimmy & The Queen of Chaos by Minaz Jantz (Acrylic)

Jimmy & The Queen of Chaos  SOLD
 11" x 14" (Acrylic)

Captain Terrible & Jab His Worm by Minaz Jantz

Prime Minister Trudeau a.k.a Captain Terrible & Jab his Worm
9" x 12" Fabriano Hot Press Watercolor paper with Watercolor & Gold Dust

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!... Minaz

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