Re-Do Prior Art Works

Metamorphosing older artworks is a wondrous idea for any artist to pursue with damaged paintings and faded drawings. They must still inspire a spark and a voice that calls out to transform it, demanding to be born again in a new era while also refreshing the memories of times past. 

Fading of colors using Copic markers on Bristol Paper

Inspirational Sparkle Dust During an astrological retrograde, the stars can say it's time to go back over things, clean out the closets, and redo paintings! Those paintings that yell the loudest will inspire me to add fresh color or go all out and change the medium from drawings to a painting. Many times the original artwork is damaged and lucky for me I know the artist and it can be created again! 

Fading of colors using Copic markers on Bristol Paper

New version of copic marker overlays.

2012 Version 'Oracle Utterance in Silence'
2012 Version
'Oracle Utterance in Silence'
2016 Version 'Oracle Utterance in Silence'
2016 Version
 'Oracle Utterance in Silence'

* Strathmore Bristol paper using mostly Copic Markers.  

TO VIEW blog posts where I have used Copic markers in my art,

LOVE the Copic markers with the two types of nibs on each end and that the markers are refillable. This refilling ability keeps the ink topped up in the markers to make the paper's surface more even in tone. There is lots of instant gratification in using markers and like the transparent colors that can go over the top of each other to create deeper tones and change the colors.

Fading of colors using copic markers on bristol paper.
There where a variety of brand markers and can say that some colors mutated and will go back over it with a new fresh inking with Copic markers.

Back in 2012, I used a variety of brand markers and noticed some strange fading in some areas of the drawings.  All 12 of the drawings now have a fresh ink overlay, using Copic markers only.

The issues of fading colors in these drawings I suspect are partly because of the type of paper I used which took the ink and absorbed it into the surface tooth making the colors get muted over time.

I have since found another type of paper by Borden & Riley that is made specifically for pens and markers and has a sealed surface so think this paper would fair better for Copic Marker drawings in the future.

New version and another layer of copic inks.

'Fusion Flight for  Cosmic Souls' 2012
'Fusion Flight for
Cosmic Souls'
version 2012

'Fusion Flight for  Cosmic Souls'  version 2016
'Fusion Flight for 
Cosmic Souls' 
version 2016

It's been 4 years and seen the drawings lose their luster of color rather like my favorite blue jeans. I just had to go back into the series and BUFF it up one more time before I photographed the series again and put them all into protective UV glass & frames.

Next on the 'to-do list, was to transform a damaged pencil drawing I did back in 2003. It took me several years to find this drawing when recently one of those helpful mercury retrogrades came to shine some starlight to find this old drawing tucked in between other old drawings. I now have it framed and up in my NEW toilet room. 

The original drawing was on paper but decided to use charcoal and purple pastel so the drawing will be more dynamic. The purple shows up on the camera and screen as a beautiful blue, no matter how I tried to photograph and edit it...OHH well, it's mine for the keeping and for those who use my toilet room!

Toilet Inspirations by Minaz Jantz close-up
 Toilet Inspirations by Minaz Jantz

Pencil 2003 version: Toilet Inspirations by Minaz Jantz

'Toilet Inspirations' came about when I had drawn my toilet in 2003 while I lived in Vancouver.  The large bathroom was purple and filled with art. It was a room for contemplation while sitting on that fine shapely throne... 
....you may ask? Are the art inspirations going into the toilet or coming out??? Are you a half-full or half-empty kind of person...could be both! 
...Yes, that is me on the lower left-hand side of the drawing in the little mouse room painting away! 


Art is about the journey and stepping outside my comfort zones is where I learn patience and try not to stress about the learning curves! Minaz

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