Flower of Life Drawing

Sacred/Golden Geometry fascinates me every time I draw the geometry as it soothes me in the process. The Flower of Life and its 19 circles are symbolic keys to life & death. 

Language, music, and even emotions can be scientifically proven to have patterns of sacred geometry. Sacred/Golden Geometry is becoming more popular to study since the internet surfaced with an abundance of information on this topic and so we regular folks now can find this information at our fingertips. Sacred or another term also called Golden Geometry has been historically known to hold mystical powers and science can prove it exists in everything we are on this planet.

Unlimited Universe: The Flower of Life by Minaz Jantz

Unlimited Universe: The Flower of Life

WHY draw this flower of life? 

BACK STORY: This month I was looking after a neighbor's very rambunctious, lovable, Labrador puppy named Maddie. It was an intense 8 days of physical exhaustion for me and Ziggy, my little dog. It takes a lot of effort to train a growing, lively, healthy PUPPY. Maddie will pile drive into anything full tilt and will unexpectedly jump up which at least once a day, knocks me to the ground. This is one of the many reasons I reminded myself why I opted for a shed-free, small dog breed of 13 pounds and can handle the energy levels safely. Other than that, the puppy beast is adorable and dangerous in a loving way!

Check out Drunvalo Melchizedek 
talk about the Flower of Life

During this puppy care madness, a friend of mine, Kaarina, a yoga master and metaphysical spiritual warrior told me to check out some videos with Drunvalo Melchizedek who provokes us to have deeper thoughts about our lives and who we are on this planet earth and beyond. 

Drunvalo has studied Sacred Geometry and explains how to apply the Flower of Life to improve our spiritual and physical well-being. Drunvalo is a wonderful speaker filled with great stories and examples to expand and fascinate one's mind.

Time to open up my little red sketchbook and start drawing circles!

After watching hours of Drunvalo Melchizedek, I was inspired to create my own Flower of Life. Time to dig out my sketchbook, markers, and compass to dive into the peaceful world of creating geometry. I was NEEDING some relaxation.

Geometry is my rocket ship to a peaceful mind through creative expression. Doing geometry will open portholes in the mind and the spirit of light can fill it up with love and joy. Dare ya to give it a try!

How to do Flower of Life 
video by artist Jacqueline Solberg

 I found a short video by artist Jacqueline Solberg, who posted an easy-to-follow step-by-step way to draw the Flower of Life. She has many awesome videos to explore artistically on how to create geometry and make your own mandalas. Check her out, she's wonderful and clicks LIKE after you watch!

Flower of Life. First sketch.

Flower of Life. First sketch.

It is very soothing to my mind to make these endless circles with my compass and enjoyed the visual game of SEEING how each circle created a flower. I did have trouble when each circle builds off the other and notice an inaccuracy as I drew circles away from the center flower.  Not sure how to remedy it but for now, I got out my markers and tweaked it to work!

Flower of Life for Kaarina

Unlimited Universe: The Flower of Life

by Minaz Jantz gifted to Kaarina
Markers & Foils

Now I was hooked after my first try and making the Flower of Life, I was feeling more relaxed and so were the dogs relaxed. BONUS! I decided my friend Kaarina was going to be gifted a Flower of Life drawing for being timely in her recommendation which leads me to the Flower of Life and remaining doable several days of puppy survival! 

Created using  Copic Ciao Markers,  Staedtler Pens & Compass
Created using
Copic Ciao MarkersStaedtler Pens & Compass
Mona Lisa Silver & Copper Foil

This time I took better care of drawing the circles and even still each layer is off so not sure if ever possible to do it by hand and get complete accuracy or maybe it is safe to say I need more practice to perfect the swirling methods of a compass.

After drawing it out with a pencil, I took a Staedtler marker pen with a small nib in black and outlined my pencil drawing. I find this to be very soothing and meditative. I colored it all in with my favorite refillable Copic Ciao markers. 

I like to use layers of Copic marker color over each other to get different saturation of color and to shift the values. I have 4 warm neutral markers that work to lower the saturation and value of some colors while maintaining the original color hue. I will also layer the colors with each other, like blue over yellow to make green much like doing watercolors. Each pass does dull the color but this is not always a bad thing when you know this. 

I like to use a scrap of the same paper I am doing the completed drawing or use the side of the drawing to sample out mixes before applying it to the final drawing.  I overfill the markers so to be safe it's best to open the pens OFF to the side of the drawing onto a scrap of paper so no DRIBBLES land on the drawing. I hate that when that happens!

Mona Lisa Foil system demo on the video.

Love to add BLING with foil and have written about it previously...can read more here. Foil can be painted over to give a shimmering to the surface. I used silver foil in the area that is sparkling blue by taking a blue transparent Copic ciao marker and layering it over the top of the silver foil. 

Unlimited Universe: The Flower of Life by Minaz Jantz

Unlimited Universe: 

The Flower of Life
by Minaz Jantz

I did the star in copper color foil which is a deep gold that shines off the BLUE beautifully. I did take steps to apply the glue in two stages doing only one foil color at a time to stop the possibility of the foil getting into the wrong section when glued. 

Looking forward to doing more Sacred Geometry challenges and encouraging everyone to draw The Flower of Life while relaxing! TRY IT!

Peace Minaz Jantz

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