How to Commission Pet Portrait

Commission Pet Portraits by Minaz Jantz

WHAT TO EXPECT Commissioning a Pet Portrait:
My painting style involves colorful and expressive compositions with a dash of charm & humor resembling each honored pet.

Pet Portraits: She Wants to Be Famous by Minaz Jantz

Photographs are of key importance. I can use both digital jpegs and scanned photographs that are of good quality and size.

Pet Portraits: Creative Inspirations with Miss Kitty by Minaz Jantz

Pet Portraits: Creative Inspirations with Miss Kitty by Minaz Jantz

Each pet portrait is artistically interpreted and characterized by my creative vision while fusing your delightful stories about the character of the pet. Also, you will be confirming background additions, details, colors, etc. before I get started with painting your portrait. Transactions will typically be done through the Internet to have copies of your photos and descriptions. Can send in an email, Google Docs, or Dropbox.

Pet Portraits: Hunter is Mr Personality by Minaz Jantz

Pet Portraits: Tess & Penny Come Play with Me by Minaz Jantz

Pet Portraits: Tess & Penny Come Play with Me by Minaz Jantz

Pet Portraits: Tess & Penny Come Play with Me by Minaz Jantz
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Additional Ideas to Consider:

  • Add items like their favorite blankets & toys and whether the portrait will be a close-up, full-body, or partial body. 
  • The size of finished works will change the overall compositional design. 
  • Can add other pets or people in one painting with an additional $50.00 fee. (Canadian Dollars)

Pet Portraits: Sam I Am by Minaz Jantz

Pet Portraits: Sam I Am by Minaz Jantz

Pastel portraits start at $350.00 Canadain for a 9"x 12" soft artist's pastel on archival sandpaper and will be shipped with an archival backing & mat to protect the art and add it within your framing. 

I will give advice about choosing a proper framer close to your home or I can offer complete personalized framing services. 

Once we agree to what you want as a pet portrait, full payment will be needed before I start the pet portrait and/or framing services. 

I use Paypal & /interac.ca/en/interac-e-transfer-faq to process the order and will discuss the best shipping possibilities depending on where you live.

Contact  minaz@artgirlgallery.com for more information. 


  • Occasionally, there is the ONE most perfect photograph you want me to paint or you ONLY have one photograph as a reference. 
  • I like to have several angles of the pet if possible so I can get the full nuances that show the pet's uniqueness in colors etc.
  • Full body poses are good as well as close-up views of faces for details and character references.
  • It can be most difficult to get pictures that are not blurred unless they are sleeping or just too old to move, I can and have worked with blurry photographs but it is a challenge and creatively interpreted.

After all of our agreements and payment, I can usually say within reason to paint a 9"x12" pastel in one week. Shipping and if framing is included will add more time to receiving the pet portrait. An oil painting needs much more time for drying which can be up to a year before a final varnish can be applied.

What is PASTEL: Find out here.
What is OIL PAINT: Find out here.

When the Pet Portrait is completed, I will photograph it for your 'collectors' notes, with pertinent details about the painting's materials, dates, copyrights, framing suggestions, etc.

Ship to Canada, USA, Europe. Shipping rates vary and custom & tax is your expense. We will discuss this in the initial interview, via email, phone, or skype.

If you are wanting to 'gift' a pet portrait, I can make up a personalized card. This will allow them to choose their own photographs to be made into fine art portraits.

Give someone special a popular gift to those who adore their fur-ever pets.

Read testimonials.

CONTACT Minaz: minaz@artgirlgallery.com
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