Folk Art Pillows Collection #2

Folk Art Pillow Collection 2

What is soft & cuddly and brings charm to any room? Folk Art Pillows! These handcrafted pillows are an extension of fine art painting but switching paint for rendering in comfy wool.

Bee Nice Grow Flowers: Folk Art Pillows by Minaz Jantz

Nova Scotians seem to love their riding mowers, it is the status of MAN ruling the natural kingdom. Grass can be intoxicating to walk on with bare feet and the color green is beautiful. Lawnmowers are noisy and gone are those few gorgeous days when one could be walking the beach instead of mowing. 

This year I said to Jim, STOP this mowing insanity.  Jim has a push-mower walking the hillside heaving and sweating while swatting at the horse flies, a lawn warrior of ancient times. The ride-em-mower people think he is NUTS using a push mower. If these ride-m-mowers where push-mowing there would be more fit people and/or much smaller lawns leaving more for the critters to eat and nest. 

Since going with nature and having more of the wild grasses and flowers, there is an increase in honey bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, dragonflies, and birds. 

Motto, 'Bee Nice Grow Flowers', expresses my views that we should mow fewer land areas to be kinder to mother nature's critters.

'Bee Nice Grow Flowers' since this blog writing has had more details added to the pillow. See more here...

If we could see the miracle in a single flower, then our whole life will change. Buddha

Link here: a previous write-up and photos of my garden growing wild...

Bee Nice Grow Flowers: Folk Art Pillows by Minaz Jantz

Every Folk Art Pillow is created out of a mood for colour and the texture of the wool. Mixing and matching wools with the roving (felting) wool is much like getting ready to squeeze out fine art paint onto a painters palette. 

*Decide what colour combo's then draw out a design on paper to get workable shapes. 

*Transfer the drawing with cheap chalk on the back of the paper and trace on the black felt fabric. 

* Use the roving wool with the felting-needle to make up an embellishment that is the focal point.

*Embroidery is added for details and help attach firmly onto the knit pillow cover. 

* Stitch the two sides together then add detail topstitch for a nice tight edge.

There are a lot of steps to completing a Folk Art Pillow and take me a week or more to make one. This pillow has since added even more bling...see more here.

No two pillows are alike and use no patterns.

Bee Nice Grow Flowers: Folk Art Pillows by Minaz Jantz

The back side of the knitted folk pillows is free of embellishments so the person who wants to lay their head upon it may flip it over to preserve the embellishments on the front.

Bee Nice Grow Flowers: Folk Art Pillows by Minaz Jantz

Each Folk Art Pillow gets some kind of Bling such as a tassel, ruffle or in this pillow design, five flowers and five leaves stitched on top of the pillow's edge.

Bee Nice Grow Flowers: Folk Art Pillows by Minaz Jantz

The late summer garden showcases sunflowers and nasturtiums busy with bees and Folk Art Pillow; Bee Nice Grow Flowers belongs on a garden chair!

Folk Art Pillow: Hanging in the Wind by Minaz Jantz
'Hanging in the Wind' was fun to needle-felt with the little clothes hanging from the line. Wind-power is back in fashion to dry clothes and I had even used a lovely big magnolia tree as my clothes hanger. Since moving to Nova Scotia, on the ocean, we have lots of wind power but sadly we have no trees to make a clothesline. But do LOVE to hear my neighbors' clothes flapping on their clotheslines and see the clothes dance animated in the wind. 

Folk Art Pillow: Hanging in the Wind by Minaz Jantz

I stitched details onto the clothing such as a peace sign on the white T-Shirt, a daisy flower on the skirt, funky spiral pocket on the shorts and found some tiny buttons for the pants and shirt. 

My favorite detail is the oblong buttons used for clothespegs purchased 25 years ago and finally found a use for them, PERFECT! The silver cord for the clothesline was leftover yarn from knitting an 80's sweater years ago. 

Folk Art Pillow: Hanging in the Wind by Minaz Jantz

Folk Art Pillow: Hanging in the Wind by Minaz Jantz

Japanese Noro wool is hand-dyed yarn which has a gorgeous blend of colors that relates well to a landscape. The bling feature for this pillow was a colorful lumpy bumpy hand-dyed yarn that is crochet into loops and attached at each long end.

There are pillows out there in the marketplace that are pretty with their hard foam & perfect shapes but those pillows tend to be uncomfortable to lean on or to lay a weary head. I wanted to design a HOME STYLE pillow to cuddle and give these pillows individual personality. 

The Folk Art Pillows are guaranteed to be a conversation piece in every room and are no two the same.

Folk Art Pillows designed by Minaz Jantz

To view more of my Pillow Collections link here:

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* Contact Minaz to buy a pillow and have one shipped to you. 
* Payment for pillow & shipping costs can be made with PAYPAL or interac-e-transfer. 
Email a request: minaz@artgirlgallery.com

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