Folk Art Pillows Collection #3

Starry Owl & Carrot Hunting Rabbit designer pillows by Minaz Jantz

The new addition to the Folk Art Pillows Collection is all designed as one-of-a-kind handmade pillows. The front side of the pillows are created with a wet felting technique and is my first wet felting project. 

Starry Owl designer pillows by Minaz Jantz

I am now learning and using the wet felting method of making fabric. Design possibilities are endless while combining knitting, hand-stitching, crochet with some needle felting for details for creative and durable pillows. 

These two pillows in the series found their resting places at my sisters' homes as gifts.

Pussy Galore & Starry Owl Pillows by Minaz Jantz
Pussy Galore pillow shares the retro red chair with the new Starry Owl pillow.
The pastel poppy painting is also a gift to my sister Lori!

Wet felting is an ancient practice embraced by cultures to create tents called Yurts, clothing, rugs, etc. and with 100% wool, the fabrics are durable and water-resistant also creating warmth and protection from the elements.

Each time I start a pillow design, I have a rough idea but the end result is always a surprise as I like to go with the flow till another cosy pillow with character is created.

Starry Owl designer pillow by Minaz Jantz

Using a variety of roving wool colours to make the felted fabric, once dried, I can cut it to make shapes of the tree and the owl. Embroidery stitches are later added to the felted shapes to create details and textures.

Starry Owl designer pillow by Minaz Jantz

Each designer pillow gets its unique BLING that communicates a story and adds character. With Starry Owl, it had to be stars! I found an easy to follow Youtube video by B. Hooked Crochet on how to make stars and then crocheted a blue border to attach them to the outside edge of the pillow.

Starry Owl designer pillow by Minaz Jantz

Went on a 2017 trip to Prince Edward Island and had stopped into a wool makers shop Fleece & Harmony to load up on their untreated, gently processed by hand and dyed in classic colours wool with Island inspirations. Was wonderful to connect with the owners and makers of the wool and to look over the fence to see the sheep that give up their coats for us knitters! BBHAAA!

I can describe the textures of their wool as a 'Retro Feel' reflecting the old fashion wools of time past that had an edge of scratchiness to it. I like this texture for the pillows as it has durability and the dyes are coloured with an unevenness that gives it the fashionable retro LOOK. 

Carrot Hunting Rabbit designed & handmade by Minaz Jantz

Next pillow was creating the shape of a rabbit. We have rabbits in our neighbourhood and find it funny how they can hide in plain sight right in front of two dogs. The rabbit can be found sitting very still in my dead daisies, hoping not to be discovered by Ziggy a 13 lb terrier. OHH but a twitch of the rabbit whiskers to be discovered and the chase is on. Ziggy seems pretty proud of himself when the rabbit hops off into the woods coming back home for the earned snack of the day!

BARK & Carrot Hunting Rabbit by Minaz Jantz
Pillow BARK from the Felted Critter Gang & the new Carrot Hunting Rabbit.
Pillow gift to sister Colleen where they sit to be admired!

Carrot Hunting Rabbit designed & handmade by Minaz Jantz

I take my wet felted appliques and give it needle felting details while using hand stitches to attach the applique to the pillow cover made of a larger piece of wet felted fabric. I found an old button saved and it was the perfect pink for the rabbit's eye. The tail was created from some scraps of yarn and made the pom poms with a fork so it was small and tight.

Carrot Hunting Rabbit designed & handmade by Minaz Jantz

I blanket stitched the edges of the pillow covers together and added one row of crochet to finish the join. 

Every rabbit loves his carrots so I decided to hide the carrots off to the sides of the pillow. What fun I had to crochet the carrots.

Carrot Hunting Rabbit designed & handmade by Minaz Jantz

Much like the Starry Owl pillow I used the same wool for the back side of the pillow but varied the strip. Such brilliant colours and notice the carrots hiding off to the side of the pillow! The pillow was stuffed tightly and yet it is also soft and huggable.

There is no whipping up these designer pillows as it can take up to a month for one pillow and none of them come from patterns but created uniquely.  

I look forward to learning more techniques and designs with the medium of wool.

Until next time, cuddle your pillows! Minaz

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