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Wood Cupboard Transformation Before & After

I was given this beautifully handcrafted cabinet many years ago and it has been so handy for storing a variety of objects. Time to hide the clutter and give this cabinet a simple transformation with fabric-covered panels and new knobs!

Supplies to make the fabric panel.

I have for years been tossing around the idea to paint over the wood of this handcrafted cabinet but I felt that this piece of furniture is so timeless in its style I never want to date it with some favorite color of the moment. Still, I want to transform it with glass panels & new knobs which can be changed without any damage to the original cabinet.

Foam-core Fabric glass panels

After making my cubby hole drapes of this beautiful handwoven fabric from Bali, I had a little scrap leftover and was not going to waste this fabric. I checked out the yardage and WOW it fitted the glass of this cabinet. I like it when there is a creative synergy!

Installing the foam-core fabric covered panels.

There is an edge where the glass sits into the cabinet doors to perfectly fit the size thickness of the foam core fabric panels. I have a V Nail stapler and put in a couple mid-way to keep the panel from warping.

Tools & supplies for foam-core fabric panel installation.

SUPPLIES for this project:
  • double-sided tape
  • fabric
  • foam-core
  • V Nailer gun
  • Brown archival framing paper
  • razor
  • ruler
Paper backing for foam-core fabric covered panel.

I do custom framing and have these supplies & tools already on hand. The brown paper used for art framing is archival and thicker than most wrapping parcel paper. I use acid-free two side tape giving an inch wider all around the panel and will keep the panel in place without damaging the wood. I cut into the glass groove with the razor for a neat edge.

Ceramic Knobs for cabinet.

Went to my local store in Porters Lake called Knackered Vintage to Modern Decor shop and picked out these new ceramic knobs. I think of knobs like a hat to set off an outfit that adds personal style. These knobs are not loud but add spice to the Bali handwoven fabric and handcrafted cabinet.

I am pleased with this NEW LOOK which came together easily and very happy to not EVER look at clutter inside the cabinet!

Leftover Bali fabric made into a decorative pillow.

Leftover Bali fabric made into a decorative pillow

Detail of Pom Pom decorative crochet trim.

Detail of Pom-Pom decorative crochet trim.

Even after making the drapes and cabinet glass covers, I had one long strip of fabric leftover. What to do with it? Well, you can never have enough decorative pillows! After hand stitching the main pillow, I took to learning how to make Pom Pom crochet border trim from the below video. What a fun stitch to crochet and makes for a lovely border around the elegant pillow.

May you find decorating therapy a way to transform your sacred space.

Knob Inspired, Minaz Jantz

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