DIY Drapery

Before & After Cubby Hole Drapes

DIY drapes can hide clutter and decorate a room. No need to have a sewing machine, use basic hand stitching and a hot iron for crisp edges.

DIY Drapes by Minaz Jantz

A useful cubby hole above the coat closet is a good spot to store all my wool supplies behind my new designer curtains. 
Drapery Tension Rod
Drapery Tension Adjustable Rod

I had originally wanted to hang the drapes with a tension adjustable rod but the one I bought would not hold up the weight of the fabric and beads. 

wall mounting rod holders for drapery
wall mounting rod holders for drapery

I already customized and hand stitch the top to fit the tension rod and didn't want to BUY another pole. I went back to the store and bought wall mounting rod holders and now my drapes hang safely. 

DIY Drapes close-up Bali fabric & wood bead trim

I hand-stitched the bead trim wanting to expose the rough edge of the woven fabric as part of the look. The wood beads are perfect for this fabric and only cost me under $4.00 in the super sale!

DIY Drapes close-up Bali fabric from Nogo

My sister gifted me this beautiful handwoven fabric from a trip to Bali. She visited the designers' shop Nogo Bali Ikat Center to which I am sure it was hard for her to choose what to bring home. The colors & fabric continues with my eclectic decor style and like that the fabric has a personal story & history.

DIY Drapes close-up Bali fabric from Nogo & pillow by Minaz Jantz

My handmade FOLK ART Pillow sits near the main door and has a turquoise color that continues through the drapery fabric that I like very much.   These perfect wood beads not only look great but also keeps the drapes from blowing around when the doors are opened.

UPDATE: This summer I finally finished painting the closet doors with Fusion Mineral paint. Can read more here...

DIY Shelf Drapes by Minaz Jantz

Another sister had this batik fabric given to her by a woman who had it gift wrapped around a present. Neither sews and wanted someone to appreciate this gorgeous black & white iris-themed batik fabric. My sister said I came to mind so she sent it to me! I looked at this crisp cotton and thought HHHMMM perfect for shelf drapes! 

DIY Shelf Drapes by Minaz Jantz

Plastic Coated Framing Wire

Plastic Coated Framing Wire

Framing Eye Hooks
Framing Eye Hooks

I have plastic coated framing wire and three eye hooks screwed on each side of the shelf and one in the middle attached to the top of the counter. 

No matter how I kept these shelves tidy, all the dust and dysfunction would inevitably happen.  Now I walk down my hallways and am happy to see the batik fabric drapes instead!!

DIY Shelf Drapes by Minaz Jantz

This DIY project was one of the easiest to complete and done in a day including all the hand sewing. I put on a PODCAST and enjoyed the relaxing time with hand stitching... no rush... no worries... be happy... DIY decorating therapy!  VOILA!

TRY Decorating Therapy! Minaz

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