Music Man Pillow

Music Man Pillow by Minaz Jantz

Music Man Pillow is my latest creation for my musician-songwriting mate. Sewing and hand stitching pillows are a way to personalize my comfy gift. 

Hand knit dark blue sweater by Minaz Jantz

I love to knit and find it a relaxing activity but for a time period in the 1990's it was hard to find a wool store in Vancouver, but I managed to find one small shop in Kerrisdale that had basic wool, nothing fancy, and picked out the navy blue 100% wool to knit a sweater for Jim. The only thing is the sweater was too warm and it was heavy so not your indoor type sweater. Saving it as is was feeding the moths so asked Jim if I could rip it out and make him a pillow and he said YES! Sad to rip out a lot of work but happy to reuse the wool for a personalized pillow.

Song Writer, Story Teller, Music Maker, pillow by Minaz Jantz

To make the personalized pillow for Jim, I used items with memories; the blue wool from the sweater knitted to cover the size of an older pillow we bought when staying in Berlin, Germany, and the denim patch from an old pair of favorite jeans he wore out. 

I find embroidery relaxing much like drawing only with thread. I go onto youtube searching for new stitches to try out. Always enjoy my favorite, the blanket stitch which is used along the edge of the denim patch.

Jim's tagline for his music blog is 'Song Writer, Story Teller, Music Maker and thought it perfect words for his personalized pillow. After doing the embroidery, I attached it to the knit pillow cover with a button thread hidden under the embroidery.  Next is to crochet trim to finish off the edge of the pillow and stuff it tight with the older pillow.

Music Man Pillow by Minaz Jantz

To hear James Hewett music and songwriting,

I enjoy designing pillows using a variety of stitches and materials. When my artsy pillows are comfortably sitting on favorite chairs, they uniquely express the persons who receive them!

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